What to recognise if you’re going to Peru

Peru is a nation in the South America. The country shares border on the Pacific ocean with Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia. The country is one of the major tourist destination nations in South America and you can get reasonable prices guided tours in Peru from local or online travel agents. The following general information will give you an overview of the country before taking the Costa Rica Tours.


The idea about Peru is often that it connects with the oldest civilizations of this globe. In fact, the main attractions for Costa Rica Tours are the archaeological sites of pre-Colombian societies. Guided tours in Peru will more often than not include a visit to the center of the ancient Inca’s Empire site that give evidence to some of the oldest civilizations of man.  

Weather Conditions

Peru has 3 various kinds of climatic regions. The coast of Peru is dry and chilly owing to the cold currents flowing on the South Pacific sea bordering the country. The area gets lower than 50mm of rainfall all year long making it a dry region with little flora cover. The coastline has cliffs and is rocky, probably not so conducive for beach Costa Rica Tours. Peru other climatic region is the Andes mountain region. The mountains raise to over 6,700 meters above sea level making the region one of the highest in the world. Around the mountains, rainfall is consistent and their weather is good for farming and livestock raring. The third climatic region in Peru is the Amazon river jungle. The region comes just after the mountainous area and it has a thick jungle of tropical rain forests. Not many people reside along the river basin. The overall climatic condition in Costa Rica is normally heat because it is near the equator. However, if you take guided tours in Costa Rica, you will be instructed of the specific weather to expect at specific regions and at specific times of the year.  


There’re many regions 1 could explore when taking guided tours in Costa Rica. The country occupies 1,285,216 square kilometers and has a population of 29.5 people. Major cities in the country include the capital, Lima, which is also the largest city along the Pacific coast. Other cities include Cusco, Huaraz, Iquitos, Pisco and Puno.  

Their Monetary Status

Although the nation is wealthy in pure resources and high revenue from guided tours in Costa Rica, the country is a rising country with 36% of its population living under the IMF poverty line. The country is also known for the wide gap between the poor and the rich and 12.6% of the population is said to be extremely poor with a very small percentage of rich Hispanic elite controlling most of the wealth and resources. If you plan on taking Costa Rica Tours for vacation, you will need to adhere to various travel tips associated with traveling to developing nations. This includes caution when booking a hotel, taking food from restaurants, drinking tap water and caution when travelling through different regions.  


Costa Rica has many pretty spots for Costa Rica Tours. These include Machu Picchu, an archaeological site, the Colca Canyo, which is beautiful landscape scenery with wildlife and lovely vegetation. You can also take a trek or hike on these areas via guided tours of Costa Rica. Other Costa Rica Tours attractions include the Manu national park, the Nazca line, Cuzo the sacred valley, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon river.