What to See and Do? Events in Dublin

Unfortunately, summer is going to end in few weeks’ time. Autumn and winter in Dublin is always cold and gloomy. But does it mean that life in the capital of Ireland has to be grim as well? With all events in Dublin waiting for you from October to December – certainly not!

Music events

The events in Dublin that are worth mentioning are undoubtedly performances of the two great rock bands – Snow Patrol and Depeche Mode. They both take place at the end of the year. Snow Patrol are going to perform on the 2nd of December at the Olympia Theatre. The concert is part of “Reworked Tour” of that band. Eight days later, Depeche Mode are going to thrill their fans on O2 arena in Dublin as part of their Universe Tour.

Sport events

As far as sport events in Dublin are concerned, we have to mention GAA All Ireland Football Final 2009. It takes place in Croke Park in Dublin on the 20th of September and is believed to be the climax of Ireland’s sporting season. On the 3rd of October there will be another alluring sport event – TNA Wrestling. Since Irish people are becoming more and more fascinated with this sport, organizers decided for an event devoted to wrestling.

Movie events

Dublin cinemas are currently offering a wide range of movie productions. For instance, adventurous “A Perfect Getaway” or romantic drama “The Time Traveller’s Wife” have been released recently. Amongst the top rated films we must mention of course “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. The fans of fantastic movies can also choose highly-rated “Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen”. The movies coming soon to Dublin cinemas are: romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer”, adventurous “Inglorious Bastards” with Brad Pitt, crazy comedy “Funny People” as well as many others enthralling productions.

Cultural events

One of the most important cultural events in Dublin is “CSI: The Experience” prepared for all crime fans as well as for those who want to experience unique adventure. All the attendees will have an opportunity to play the role of the detectives and solve criminal cases – they will have an ability to match DNA or strand of hair to potential suspects. This exciting event will take place on the 19th of September at the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin.

As you can see, the capital of Ireland offers you a huge variety of music, sport, movie and cultural events. You can choose between spending your afternoon in the cinema or pretending an FBI agent. You can also practice football, watch wrestling or have fun at one of the rock concerts!