What To Wear Before and After Your Pregnancy?

If you are a woman and pregnant, your tummy looks bigger, which make yourself and everyone focus on it every time. Sometimes you even feel like your tummy gets to know things before you do, since it walks ahead of you. This circumstance may be humorous at times; however, it also may become something uncomfortable, especially if you are in the early stages of pregnancy and not yet go public with your baby news. Similarly, arter bearing your baby, the last part you want people to be aware of is in the direction of your postpartum belly, and apparently you do not want anyone to think you are still pregnant.

Fortunately there are a few products that can help with your transition into and through pregnancy as well as beyond. The Bella Band is a wonderful product by Ingrid and Isabel that can be worn throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. It does the wonderful job of concealing an early stage pregnant belly and allowing you to fit a little longer into your pre-pregnancy pants and jeans while covering your belly and preventing any “hang out” in front, back or sides. The Bella Band, which comes in four sizes, fits snugly over your jeans or pants and even allows you to unbutton or unzip them a bit while holding them in place.

If you are newly pregnant you can wear the Bella Band folded in half to better hold up your unbuttoned pants. If you are about 20 weeks and have outgrown your pre-pregnancy clothes, then wear it unfolded all the way up over your tummy to help hold up your still loose maternity pants. If you are in your final trimester than fold it in half to keep your maternity pants from sliding off as your belly expands. After you have your baby, wear the Bella Band postpartum and folded in half to hold up those pre-pregnancy jeans that need to be unbuttoned again until you fit back into your clothes.

If you are nursing, then the Bella Band hides your recovering belly and allows you to nurse discreetly without showing your postpartum belly. It also gives you the fringe benefit of sucking in and smoothing out a wobbly postpartum belly under your clothes. Ingrid and Isabel now make this product in an array of colors and in the basic and elastic lace trim varieties.

Another new tummy related product on the scene for postpartum women is the Belly Bandit. Many women tout this abdominal compression binder as the miracle cure for a getting your postpartum belly back to it’s pre-pregnancy look fast. After consulting with your doctor, most women can wear this product postpartum to suck in your post pregnancy flab and help tighten up abdominal muscles.

The Belly Bandit reduces uterine swelling and decreases water retention bloating. The abdominal binding itself applies a constant pressure which has been known to flatten the belly and shrink in the waistline while helping you maintain good posture. Women who have had a C-Section need to wait until they are fully healed and should consult their physician before wearing this product. Also, make sure you consult the corresponding size guidelines chart when purchasing this product.