What Type Of Mastermind Group Is Right For You?

Generally speaking there are two types of mastermind groups, horizontal and vertical. The question is, which one will help you achieve your objectives today and tomorrow?

The horizontal ones are those where only one member of a particular industry or profession can belong to the group.

From the very beginning, a century ago, this was the model used by legendary leaders and Main Street business owners alike.

It was perfect when the groups met face to face because it helped each member protect their business secrets while learning from the experiences of other successful people sharing their insights from a different perspective than theirs.

No two members of the same industry were permitted in the group so while their general business insights were powerful tips, tools, and strategies, their range of experience will not be directly relevant.

However every mastermind group offers fresh eyes when considering the problems each member is facing.

The horizontal group will broaden your perspective with an appreciation of how, in most situations, business is business and what works in one industry works in every other.

This is also the model mastermind group organizers and professional facilitators use because they can control who is part of your group.

It makes it easier from them to recruit new members and replace others while keeping to the mission of the group itself of offering a safe effective atmosphere for discussion.

If a mastermind group organizer is what you are looking for, the traditional horizontal model is what you will get. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it is just very limiting.

But then, when the cost of long distance went to zero, when email appeared on everyone’s desktop (and now the phone in their pocket), and the Internet allows information sharing instantly – a new and perhaps better opportunity came knocking.

That is the mastermind group of the 21st Century, and I must say my personal favorite.

This is the vertically organized mastermind group where every member can and usually is a member of the same industry, but located outside each other’s traditional marketing areas.

Because they understand each other’s problems, challenges, and other issues, each member’s experiences are directly relevant to everyone else.

They provide relevant sounding boards for each other, helping test their assumptions about upcoming strategies and decisions before they are made and before the money has been spent.

And their eyes are also fresh eyes because they may know, specifically, what they are looking at and can help you see what you’ve been overlooking – regardless how obvious it is after you know it. That’s because these colleagues and contemporaries are inside your industry where they face or have already faced the same obstacles you are.

What we discovered is that every one of the traditional face to face mastermind group tactics work perfectly in this virtual environment. It is the mastermind process that these vertically oriented groups were created for.

The dozens and dozens of successful business owners and farmers I know who are using the traditional mastermind group principles in this fashion all first became acquainted at their trade association meeting.

Now they see each other face to face once or twice a year and then leverage everything their association and its experts over the next several months, multiplying the value of the time you spend in the presence of your industry’s leaders. BOLA TANGKAS