What Works Best to Scan Windows XP Registry?

Want to toss that PC out the window?  Wait.  I have had many an XP system sitting right here on my workbench and owners just want to set them out by the curb because they have become too slow.  In fact, one person brought in a PC they found by the trash and all we did to get it fired up and working well was to do a repair on the XP system registry.  And I’m betting your problem may be that simple.  One thing I recommend to friends and family is to let me have a look at it and run a scan on the system registry.

PC’s with registry problems slow down because the operating system has to scan through the complete registry to turn off or on programs or settings.  When that gets corrupt, the system will sometimes hang or slow to see if there is a way to recover from the error.  Thankfully, Windows can run with a pretty banged up registry.  But it does it at the expense of speed.

You may wonder how a registry gets this way in the first place?  It has been my finding on the bench that people have a tendency to click banners and links on the Internet which loads things they may not really want.  A lot of deceiving sites make this one of the biggest problems.  Another problem is people will try to fix things by deleting or moving them and many times this simple aggravates an already bad situation.  But there is a fix.

I take pride in telling people that I use a program called Registry Easy.  The reason I use this in the field is because it does two things critical to making repairs to the Windows XP registry.  First, it scans the registry and allows you to back up what you currently have.  Many registry scanners won’t do this.  If they botch up your system, you’re out of luck.  Next, Registry Easy allows you to manually go through each error step by step so you’re not at the mercy of a program changing what you did not allow.

There is a short video on my website where you can see exactly how this works as I walk you through a typical scan.  Most people are amazed at how many little errors they have on their computers.  But like I say, it is the operation system running through a fragmented registry that can make the whole PC run slow.  When a computer comes into my shop, I take time to educate the owner on how to keep it running as fast as it can.   And there’s a reason why people keep coming back.

Watch the video and do your due diligence on registry scanners.  Remember they are not all the same.  Some can actually cripple your system so go with caution.  And you don’t have to toss the computer just because it’s running slow.  There are things that can be done – the registry for me is the first place to start.