What You Can Do During Karaoke Instrumental Breaks?

Nowadays, we can have more fun with karaoke. With karaoke, you do not have to care about whether you’re a good singer or not and all you need to do is singing along to your favorite songs.


But what do you do in those interludes when the lyrics stop and you’re left with nothing to sing? Here are five suggestions!


1. Beatbox


Many the times I’ve found myself with no lyrics to sing and fifteen or so seconds to fill before they return. A good way to keep your friends – and yourself – amused is to start beat boxing with your mouth. Bear in mind this can result in a higher than usual amount of saliva being deposited on the microphone, so the next person to sing may not fully appreciate your efforts.


2. Play Air Guitar


You don’t need an inflatable guitar for this, but it does help. And it still counts as air guitar, because what an inflatable is if not air? Plus, since they’re insatiable you can have fun pretending to destroy your imaginary set at the end of your performance.


3. Do a “spoken word” interlude


The choice of the karaokeist who can’t bear to have attention taken away from them. You can talk about anything: how “you” got the idea to write the song you’re singing; the person to whom you’d like to dedicate your performance; your shopping list.


4. Start a hand-clap


Tricky one to pull off with a microphone in your hand, but I’m sure I saw Mariah Carey do it once – and her hands are tiny. Start clapping to the beat, encouraging your compadres to join in. However, if it doesn’t take off on any account should you start berating people just because you have a microphone?


5. Climb on some furniture


This won’t be for every venue, but if you’re singing at home using a karaoke machine or online karaoke I suppose it’s up to you. Climbing onto a couch – please, ensure first that it’s not occupied – is the domestic version of climbing the lighting rig, and almost certainly less dangerous. If you’re in a public venue however, you may want to prepare for some kind of disapproval, which could range from a stern telling-off to being physically ejected from the premises.