What You Eat – Improve Your Hair and Scalp

The quality and condition of your hair has long been known to be a good indicator of your general well-being. The majority of all illnesses or emotional stresses can lead to dull and lifeless hair, meaning your hair can act as an early warning signal when you are under the weather, or lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. Hair problems are however also commonly caused by overexposure to specific chemicals. This is particularly relevant in women who use dyes, tints and heat treatments upon their hair along with the general wear and tear of too much combing and brushing.

If you are suffering from greasy hair, this is because the hair itself obtains it’s shiny condition from a thin layer of sebum which is an oil based compound given off by the scalps sebaceous glands around the base of each hair follicle. It is when these glands start to become overactive thereby producing too much sebum the resultant look is greasy and lank hair. Washing your hair in an attempt to wash away this greasiness will not stop the over active production however, some medical practitioners suggest reducing the amount of sugary foods in your diet which may help to reduce an oily scalp.

Dry scalps and dandruff problems can sometimes signal a zinc deficiency therefore including foods high in zinc good examples are shellfish, red meats and pumpkin seeds within your diet may help to alleviate the symptoms. Essential fatty acids additionally assist in preventing dry skin and a flaky scalp and good food sources include the majority of vegetable oils, unsalted nuts and fish which is classed as oily. If you use a specialist dandruff shampoo which is not responding to your dandruff problem you should seek a doctor’s advice as it can on occasions indicate more significant health problems.

If you are suffering from any related hair and scalp problem ensure that you eat plenty of eggs and liver to attain a good supply of vitamin A. Green leaf vegetables, carrots and sweet potatoes, will supply you with supplies of beta-carotene helping to promote good hair and scalp condition. Vegetable oils, nuts and oily fish are an excellent source of essential fatty acids and seafood (shellfish particularly), red meat and pumpkin seeds provide you with supplies of zinc helping to alleviate some dandruff problems.