What You Should Know About Ps3 80gb?

If you are trying to purchase the PS3 video game console to enjoy the fun it can easily bring you, you must have observed that there are two well-known versions of PlaySation 3 on the market these days, the first one with a 60GB hard drive and the other with a 80GB hard disk. You may have questioned yourself: Which model should I get?

You’re actually not alone: numerous prospective Playstation 3 customers have the same kind of question in mind. That is why we have decided to provide you with some tips to help you realize the distinction and also make your decision. There are quite a few aspects to take into account. Far more than the majority of prospective buyers believe…

In case you used to play PS2 games and actually still possess a lot of them, then the PS3 60GB is really a better choice. Because it uses hardware called Emotion Engine that offers better backwards compatibility than the other version. The PS3 80GB actually uses a software emulation, or the PlayStation 2’s GPU, but no PS2 components. This implies it offers reduced PlayStation 2 compatibility to support merely around 60-70% of PS2 video games.

As probably the most cost-effective version, the PS3 60GB provides 4 USB ports, which gives you the capability to connect a lot more devices to the PS3 if it is one of your requirements. If you want a PlayStation 3 with the most functions and cheap pricing, the 60GB model is perfect for you. Nevertheless, Sony has actually ceased producing this model, so you really should hurry up before it’s totally phased out. In the event you can’t find any, try second-hand models however be careful with what you purchase.

The PlayStation 3 80GB offers extended memory, but reduced backwards compatibility with PS2 video games. It actually contains the same amount of USB ports and attributes as the 60GB version. The bigger hard drive offers you more space for files storage. However, many people will actually find that it’s a little bit too much and that they’ll never expect to fill it up… but they’re wrong! A PlayStation 3 is a gaming console you will keep for many years, and the more storage the better!

Since the PS3 80GB version may be set up with a Linux operating system and used like a computer, in the event you will save a lot of files in your PlayStation or maybe use it as a computer system, it’s the one you should choose. If you are planning to watch lots of movies with your console you should definitely pick this model.