What You Should Know To Find the Best Treadmill For Your Home Gym

You want to keep your body fit or lose weight but you do not have much time to spend on exercises. Therefore, if you have a treadmill, you can exercise at home, at anytime and any weather. This is why more and more people are adding a treadmill to their home gyms.

Before you invest in any treadmill, you must consider few things:

Your Purpose. The first thing you must consider is the kind of use you need treadmill for. Generally, you can walk and run on a treadmill. If you intend to use treadmill as a walking machine, you are less likely to need an expensive high-end machine. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty treadmill for your running, you must prepare to spend more. Please always remember, price really equals to quality.

The Treadmill’s Belt. You must consider your family members who will be using the treadmill. The taller a person is the longer their stride. Therefore, you will need a treadmill with longer and wider belt. Besides that the deck area should provide enough space for you to exercise comfortable and smoothly.

Motor Horsepower. The theory is same for horsepower. The heavier a person is the more horsepower a treadmill will need. The key thing to remember is that the larger motors tend to run cooler and usually require less repair and maintenance. There is wide range of treadmill with motor that delivers 1.5 to 3 horsepower. Just select the one that fit your needs. Of course, you can purchase a manual treadmill that is without a motor, which is powered purely by the user. Treadmill with weaker motor can wear our easily.

Treadmill with program. Today, most of the treadmill comes with special preset workout program. This program can let you exercise in different way and speed. Different treadmill from different brand will have different programs with it. Your job is selecting those that fit your needs. Some model even equipped with the ability to add an incline to your workout to replicate running or walking uphill.

Warranty. Personally, I think this is very important. The quality of treadmill has been improved. Nevertheless, the longer warranty we have, the longer we support can get just in case anything goes wrong with the treadmill. We must remember, a new treadmill does not mean that it will not have problem.