Whatever Happened To Free Choice

I was floored the other day when I heard about the lawsuit brought against Kentucky Fried Chicken for the use of transfats. It was just another nail in the coffin this country is putting itself into.

Where it is going to end. Kentucky Fried Chicken has been around a long as I have been. What about the concept of “fried chicken” is not understandable. That it is going to be high in fats and calories is a given. You know what, if you don’t want to eat transfats, then don’t eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried chicken has been making chicken this way for years and they have the right to make it as they see fit and someone else should not have the ability to dictate how they should make their chicken. After all, it’s their business, not the consumers.

If the consumers stop eating there then Kentucky Fried chicken, I am sure, will be making

Same goes if you don’t like the language on the show, don’t watch it. The radio station, don’t listen to it. The movie, don’t go to it, the book, don’t read it.

By involving lawyers and other government agencies we are abdicating all of our choices. Every day I see more and more of the rights, values, and privileges being controlled by some agency or individual other than myself.

We used to be a country where we could say and be whatever we wanted, we could be INDIVIDUALS.
Not anymore, the squeaky wheel is the one who is winning. No longer does the majority rule, but the minority. We are letting the minority determine the policy of not only our country but how we live our lives, raise our children, work our jobs and basically deal with every day life matters. In fact, we don’t even deal with life matters any longer, we have abdicated that responsibility to anyone we can, we look for others to blame for our shortcomings rather than looking to ourselves.

I think back to my grandfather and father who both fought in wars for our country and if those same wars occurred today, I shudder to think who would be running our country.

There are many of us living today who are looking at the country, the government, the school systems, and the people around us and wondering where it all went so wrong. I know I do and I also have a good idea where, but that is for another article.

After all, I still have some free choices and not telling where I think the problem started is one of them.

What about the rest of you, don’t you want your right to choose back?

DeFiore Enterprises, 2007