When Al Gore Becomes the President

We can imagine a lesser rate of death originated by firearms, increased environmental awareness, and universal health care.

Well, that sounds good. It is like considerable positives as opposed to high-priced health care, high death rates in cases where weapons are involved, and a world of environmental incontinence. Think about it. These are three major problems the world struggles with today.

Every year, more than 30,000 people are killed, and another 65,000 are injured in incidents involving firearms. In such a scenario, our imaginations seem to be just perfect.

Certainly everybody has also heard about global warming.
Polar ice caps are turning to water at a very fast speed than ever before, plus if the same rate persists, some cities like Miami and San Francisco will fall victim of flood by 2100.

Then, our health care system is another big problem that many citizens face. Almost 47 million Americans or sixteen percent of the US residents went without any health-care-insurance in 2006.

Now imagine the scenario when these problems come to an end when Gore becomes the President. It is not merely a statement as Gore himself has done many things that are enough to make people believe that.

America reports a yearly rate of about 500 demises related to events involving firearms. In this world, Al Gore implemented a ‘zero tolerance gun control policy’. According to it, first time criminals get 50 years to life time imprisonment. Nobody has the right to possess firearms now.
But did this law work? Yes, this new law saved 25,500 lives each year and prevented nearly 60,000 casualties.

Global warming seems to affect us less but still, it is real and dangerous. America is the recognized as a leader in environmental safety. Now, more people drive hybrid cars as if it is a religion. The quality of oxygen has become better. Now, we have a great health care program to protect us.

So, it is very obvious the advantages if Gore becomes the President and yes, hats off to him for whatever he did for the country.