When Buying A New Kitchen Countertop, Go With Granite

There is nothing that will make a kitchen sparkle like granite countertops. The polished stone has a luster that cannot be found in any other material that is being used in kitchens today. Granite countertops can be very expensive but they also will be an excellent selling point if you ever decide to put your home on the market.

While the shine is the big draw with granite, you cannot overlook the durability as a major selling point. The stone is heat and stain resistant and will continue to look good for years and years with a minimal amount of maintenance. The secret to keeping granite countertops looking like new is making sure the surface is sealed to prevent moisture from seeping in. There are a number of products on the market that can be applied very easily to protect your investment.

Hot pots are no threat to granite. You can take a dish right out of the oven and place it on top of the countertop with no fear of it doing any damage. Unlike laminate countertops or countertops made of composite materials, granite will not burn or become discolored because of heat. Granite is so hard it is also less likely to chip when something is dropped on it.

There are two different types of granite stone that are used to produce countertops; consistent granite and variegated granite. Consistent granite is the less expensive of the two options and the most practical to use in kitchens where two pieces of stone have to be butted up against each other. Since the pattern in the stone is consistent throughout, the seams are easier to match. Variegated granite has a more random pattern running throughout the stone and is said to resemble a piece of art. These pieces of granite are very unique and the vein which rambles through it resembles a running river.

The colors available in granite are virtually unlimited and so are the patterns. When you shop for granite countertops it pays to look around for a slab that will match your decor. Among the most popular of all patterns is the Emerald Pearl which is a hunter green color with speckles of white and black liberally sprinkled throughout. Earth tones are very popular in granite countertops as well because the neutral colors will go with any design scheme. Madura Gold and Madura Light are extremely popular as well as Mocha Juparana.

If you are looking for a very classy opal appearance, New Caledonia and Tiger Black will make a dramatic difference in your kitchen. The only problem with going with these finishes is that they can make small kitchens seem even smaller. However, with the proper under cabinet lighting, the way that the stone reflects the light creates a dazzling effect. There is White Tiger or Kinawa granite which has a white backdrop with black specks or marbling throughout that will give a similar effect but brighten up the room. Azul Imperial is a nice blend of the white and black stone with some gray mixed in. BOLA TANGKAS