When Little ones Are As well Young to Race on a Toronto Go Kart

As we strictly adhere to the security regulations of a Toronto go karting facility, youngsters that are significantly less than 52 inches (130 cm) in height are prohibited from boarding any of our Junior karts. Instead, we offer activities that are equally exhilarating and unforgettable for your little tots. Introducing…
GPK Kinected Interactive Centre.

Grand Prix Kartways has a plethora of dynamic entertainment expertise that will maintain your little ones, even the massive boys, immersed in total exhilaration.

Race Simulators
The token-driven race simulators can keep a youngster fully engrossed in his personal racing globe. The interactive pc game is so realistic even the bigger boys would want to test their driving capabilities on it.

Carrera Slot Automobile Raceway
And to give them an even far more exhilarating expertise, we have a 6-lane, 90-foot Carrera Slot Car raceway at the Mini Grid, a one particular of its sort in GTA, which is a have to-attempt for any motorsport enthusiast.

The Mini Grid
A retail center that showcases die cast model cars with model kits, a assortment of children’s toy sets, DVDs and books and Canada’s biggest choice of slot cars and slot car sets.

Brand New X-Box 360
Our new Xbox 360, which characteristics Kinect technologies, is a hot item in this section! Kinect Technologies is a full-body gaming experience, outmoding the agile finger and thumb video gaming. It is gaming in actual-life.

Other Activities
Air and bubble hockey, foozeball and billiard tables absolutely full a motorsport enthusiast’s day at Grand Prix Kartways.

Trackside Café and Nitro Lounge
And when all the energy is spent, and the hunger pangs kick in, our Pit Zone Café have swift bites and refreshments that answer to that need. Our licensed luxury bar, the Nitro Zone Lounge, will certainly beckon on to the massive boys for a couple of ice cold drinks to beat the racing heat in a lush, complete-serviced bar
Genuinely, there is no other facility that can throw your children and your big boys into their own fascinating world of exhilarating entertaining and unforgettable experience other than at GPK. Call us right now at (647) 496-5838 and race to the finish with us!