When To Go On A Festival In Colombia

Colombia, a nation with a rich tradition and culture boasts of many colorful festivals. The Colombian calendar is full of festivals, carnivals and fairs. Some celebrations are regional, others are national. Some last a day, others go on for several days. This means that almost each day there is a festival taking place somewhere in Colombia. If you want to learn more for the specific culture you may stay at the amazing hotels in Colombia and visit these amazing festivals.

Carnival of Black and White is held from January 4th to January 6th in Pasto. Its origins date back to the Spanish rule times when slaves were permitted to celebrate on 5th and their masters showed their approval on 6th by painting their faces white. January fifth was the day of the Blacks. During the day of the blacks, the African slaves had a free day in which they unleashed all their happiness, people play on the streets to paint each other in black with colors and cosmetics produced for this particular purpose.

January the 6th will be the Day of the Whites. During this day, the people play to paint each other in white using white colors and cosmetics in addition to throwing one another white powder and talcum. On the day of the whites, the final parade takes place with the presentation of floats, krewes, musical and dances groups, and people in costumes, all of them competing for the prizes. The carnival floats are works of prime quality and originality elaborated by regional artisans who spend the entire year preparing their carriages for this occasion.

The Flower Fair is held in Medellin between July and August with its flowers parade named Desfile de Silleteros. Its the largest exhibition of flowers held in Colombia. This annual celebration has been going strong since 1957 and is constantly held through the first two weeks in August. One of the highlights of the fair is the Desfile de Silleteros, which sees processions of campesinos move slowly around town with large wooden constructions on their backs, each decorated elaborately with flowers of every color and fragrance. The largest parade takes place every year on 11 August, which is a local holiday. The fair also features exhibitions of orchids, flowers and artisanal crafts. There are flower arranging competitions, a parade of classic automobiles, a beauty parade to find the Queen of the Flowers and, like all Colombian gatherings, a lot of live music and dancing. If you plan to visit the Flower fair it would be very good idea to book your hotel in Medellin in advance, because in this time Colombian hotels are fully booked.

The Cali Fair held in Cali from December 25th to New Year’s Eve. It is famous for its Salsa marathon concerts attended by renowned Salsa bands. There are horse riding parades, masquerades and dances groups. Every Christmas the people of Cali could be found out at the sun, enjoying the rich festival program that makes up one of Colombia’s most renowned national events, the Cali Fair (or Feria de Cali).

Vallenato Legend Festival is among the most important festivals in Colombia held in Valledupar in April or May. The festival is a celebration of vallenato music and also a competition to find the best accordionist of the year and also to choose the Vallenato King among hundreds of participants from all over the country. BOLA TANGKAS