Where Did All the Fat Go? Losing Large Amounts of Weight in a Short Time the Healthy Way

The Biggest Loser Club designed the Biggest Loser diet, which is a calorie-controlled, carbohydrate-modified, and fat-reduced weight loss program. It gears toward helping people to burn pound after pound of pure fat without depriving themselves of the essential nutrients or energy.

The Biggest Loser diet is high in lean protein since this particular nutrient has potentials in controlling hunger. While adhering to the Biggest Loser Diet, people enjoy the freedom of eating a wide variety of foods so long as mostly, people stick to whole and natural foods.

The whole foods are classified as not having been modified from their natural state or having modified a little bit like in cooking. Foods that have been substantially modified are labeled as processed foods. Blueberries are whole foods while Blueberry cheesecake is not.

The diet started as a Weight loss reality show which was a huge success. In that show, the contestants all over America have huge amount of weights to lose, and so they were sent to the ranch with personal trainers. They were all put on a strict diet and large amounts of exercises. Dr. Rob Huizenga, the head physician who does all the monitoring of all the contestants on the reality show is also the creator of the Biggest Loser diet. He compiled all his knowledge about his weight loss plan into one book entitled “Where did the Fat Go?: The Wow Prescription To Reach Your Ideal Weight-and Stay There! Lose Fat-Gain Muscle!”

The book is published to help people who cannot be on the reality show to reach the same weight loss results despite not having their own personal trainers or a fancy ranch. The book included everything that Dr. Huizenga had worked hard for-plans and tips on how to have great success following the guide from home. Among its advantages are:

1. Having proven success from a reality show candidates and those who have tried the diet book Where Did the Fat Go?
2. All information provided for the success of the reality show was published on the diet book.
3. The Diet book is written by the man, a medical doctor and also the one who designed and headed the successful weight loss reality show.
4. Where Did All the Fat Go diet book is created particularly for obese people.
5. The diet is patterned after calories consumed versus calories burned approach.
6. Where Did All the Fat Go program can be done without a personal trainer.
7. It guarantees results of losing large amounts of pounds in a short time.
8. A healthy way to lose weight.