Where Do Our Dreams Go

The sad fact of childhood from birth to adulthood is that almost 100% of people never realize the dreams that filled their youth to soaring. Think of the craziness that fills a child. No mountain is unconquerable, no river is too wide, and no dream is ever daunting. Children fantasize they become superman or a pirate captain. They fly rocket ships they save the world.

Something happens to a child when adulthood draws near. It’s like Santa Claus, a time to accept reality dawns and nothing is quite the same anymore. You can no longer just believe and expect him to come. Or did he stop coming merely because you somehow stopped believing?

There is something magical in a belief that weaves a spell on creation and inevitably causes your dream to materialize. Perhaps it is a law of the subconscious mind that for something to manifest in the material world it must first exist in the realm of the unconscious world. And as we all know only too well, if you don’t believe then possible fades to impossible.

Could this be because if you don’t believe then the unconscious mind which weaves the world is unaware? Could it be that by believing you actually create awareness within the unconscious which brings the belief into existence?

After all was there ever a child who really believed who was disappointed on Christmas morning.

We have become very adept as a society of fitting into a norm. Society has morphed into a chicken farm with tiny cages, one for each of us. Instead of creating a beautiful world by applying our peculiar gift we sit in our allotted cage and lay the required eggs till a day dawns when our time to vacate arrives or until our style of egg goes out of fashion.

In today’s world there is very little need for dreamers. The greatest enemy of a structured organization is initiative. Imagine if you had 200,000 people doing it their particular way. Chaos would ensue. But think of a neatly manicured lawn with meticulously weeded flowered beds. Now if you were to neglect this work of art for ten years or so it would be invaded by the outside and to the eyes of the gardener it would appear as if chaos had hit the beloved garden.

The reality of the universe is that chaos is the normal order of things and that order is an unnatural state imposed on the universe by the limited human left brain.

The human mind has two operating modes, logic and emotion. Logic and dreams don’t mix too well. However for the corporate structure which produces jobs, dividends and is the life blood of capitalism to flourish logic is required. Do not bring emotion to the workplace or you will be know the true meaning of the color pink, as in slip.

Emotion is the ocean where our dreams sail. We are thought as young adults that we must learn to control our emotions. Because the world is full of people who have locked their emotions and with them their dreams away it becomes necessary for the aspiring adult to likewise shun their exuberance if they are to fit in and be accepted as a “well adjusted” member of society.

Then out of nowhere you wake up one day and you are old and you wonder where your life went and how you became the you that is looking back at you from the bathroom mirror and a panic engulfs your soul. The dreamer dares to peek out from the dark closet he/she has called home all these years and now the panic turns to sadness and then to grief.

Did you know that grief is remorse? A regretting of words not said, roads not walked and dreams not sailed. A really great poem put it this way.

“I think in looking back
We find our lives irrelevant
Except for those few occasions
When we dared to bare our souls”

It really is OK to dream if only occasionally.