Where To Go If You Need A Safe

A sentry is someone that is on duty to keep you and everything you own safe from harm.  The Sentry Safe is not a person, but it serves the same purpose as the Sentry of old. The Sentry safe brand has been in service for more that seventy years and offers many types of safes which include the fireproof safe. Sentry Safe also has office safes, fingerprint safes, wall safes, gun safes and depository safes.

Sentry Safe has safes such as: combination safes, electronic safes, and biometric safes, to name just a few configurations. Take the time to compare prices and you will see that Avid Biometrics’ Sentry Security Safes are the lowest in price of all other safe retailers. As an added incentive, Avid Biometrics will, for a limited time only, give away a Sentry fireproof chest to anyone making a safe purchase for over two hundred forty nine dollars.

We all like to keep out valuables secure not just from theft but from fire as well. If you are looking for a fireproof safe with a traditional locking mechanism that is not a biometric one, go to AvidBiometrics.com as they have the largest selection of what you are looking for.

At AvidBiometrics.com you will find a large selection of safes at competitive prices. You can keep your valuables, documents, and firearms secure as you will find a great selection of safes at AvidBiometrics.com. AvidBiometrics.com carries not only the Sentry Safes but other top name brands as well such as: Honeywell, Protex, Tychi and many more.  

AvidBiometrics.com also helps to protect your firearms in great style with their G1455E Sentry 14 gun combination Gun Safe. This is a fourteen gun safe what has an electronic lock. This safe has hinges that cannot be seen and to make it more resistant to theft it has three steel live locking bolts and three deadbolts.  It has a hard steel plate to protect it from any drilling device.

What gives this gun safe its style is the fact that the safe has carpeting on the inside in order to protect the firearms or any collectibles from scratches or any other damage that may happen. In fact, the best security feature this gun safe possesses is the fact that it comes with hardware that can give the owner the ability to bolt the gun safe down to the floor if it is desired.

You have your gun for safety, but is your gun safe where you have it? Read more about keeping your Sentry Safe. Also, find out more about Fireproof Safe