Where To Go In Cape Town “?” This Time Bo-kaap

Its fantastic you want to go to wild, you can go there, you want to see luxury you can get it here, you want a beach holiday it has it, actually its that one place which can satisfy any traveler and person of any age group. Accommodations or Flights to South Africa, you can find it all in good price and affordable.

Each city in South Africa has its own character, whether you flying via Johannesburg or booking direct flights to Cape Town, its important that you hold a list of what to see and where to go, for there is so much to experience in South Africa that getting confused is likely.

We recommend, if you are flying to Cape Town dont miss to see Bo-Kaap. Bo Kaap is an interesting neighborhood located on a hill in south west downtown Cape Town. We call it interesting for Bo Kaap has a very different historical background than the rest of South Africa. The area was originally inhabited by a Muslim civilization and descendants of slaves from the South East Asia. The influence of history is visible in Bo Kaap and the museum has a lot to reveal here.

Another significant characteristic of Bo Kaap is the variety of gaily colored buildings. You may have seen them before, for they often appear in videos, songs and movies as a scenic location. The mosques, build after the settlement of Muslims is also great place to visit for their unique architecture, historical significance, art, design and calligraphy.

Food in Bo Kaap is its specialty, if you are looking forward to have the best South African street food, you will find it here. Also, coupled with stunning views of the city, dinning in Bo Kaap is more than memorable.

As far as Shopping is concerned, the popular item of Bo Kaap is Spices. You can buy any kind of spices for any dish in Bo Kaap. Lastly, approximately 1km from the Bo-Kaap, is the Noon Gun which is fired every day and the event is marked with a short ceremony that takes place before the shooting.

Visiting Bo-Kaap makes an entire chapter in visiting Cape Town.