Where To Go In Simi Valley- Things To Do

The city of Simi Valley is the ideal city to reside and to work at the same time. It is the third largest city in Ventura County and is known to have all the advanced technology and many business opportunities. Thus, providing many employment for its residents. If you’re planning to go to Simi Valley for a weekend getaway or to visit some friends and relatives, make your stay more memorable exciting by visiting a few of Simi Valley’s wonder and pride. The best way to enjoy is to hire a limousine service and explore the streets of Simi Valley.

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

Simi Valley Cultural Arts center is now commonly known as the venue for great and famous production shows. However, when looking back to its history, it has undergone many transformation and has served many purposes. At one time, it has become a Jewish temple and a temporary high school in another time. It was only in 1991 that this structure has become the Cultural Arts Center as it is officially known today. Enjoy a lovely time by watching one of its shows or simply have a tour around.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

If you have little time to spare for a tour in Simi Valley and you only have one place to visit, it should be The Ronald Reagan President Library. This library offers more than just good old books. It will provide you with an exciting, interesting, and historical tour. It has a collection of great pieces of art, architecture, and literature. You will be able to walk through Air Force One and see an exact replica of the famous Oval Office at the time when Ronald Reagan was the President. In the Oval Office you will also find the copy of the Presidential desk made from timbers from the Resolute. You will also be able to see a piece of the Berlin Wall and model of the White House. The entire tour can take three to four hours and the library is open seven days a week from 10 am to 5 pm.

Simi Hills Golf Course

After spending half of your day experiencing the historical and cultural aspects of Simi Valley, the afternoon can be spent in a golf session. Simi Hills Golf Course is a property of the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District. The golf course is specifically designed both for avid golfers and beginners. It has a par 71 championship golf course and it also has public practice facilities. With its plush green fields and breezy atmosphere, this place can be a great way to spend time with the whole family.

These are three of the recommended places to visit in Simi Valley. There are still many parks and other landmarks to explore and its up to you what you find most enjoyable. In order to maximize your time in Simi Valley, make sure to check official websites of each destination to get familiarize with the hours of operation, ticket fees, and other important announcements. Whether you want to have a fun-filled or just a relaxing trip, Simi Valley offers different kinds of activities that everyone will enjoy. BOLA TANGKAS