Where to Go on Dates with Chicago Professional Singles

Dating is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Chicago, and dating Chicago area single professionals makes it an even more enjoyable activity. With all the places to go, one can never run out of things to do, sights to see, and restaurants to eat. Chicago is filled with such a diversity of people and places, that you could spend a lifetime just trying to go meet everyone and go everywhere. A great place to start off a date is to go to dinner at a unique place called the Balaton Restaurant which is located on the east side of town. This restaurant specializes in authentic Hungarian food, which is always very delicious. This side of town is also known as the neighborhood of Shaker Heights and it is here that culture appears in the many different kinds of cuisine they offer to the public. There is also a lovely Italian place in this area that might catch your fancy. To go to one of the best Italian places in town for a date, also consider the exquisite food of Mayfield?s Battuto Italian restaurant.

After a lovely lunch or dinner, you can take your special partner down the Tremont Art Walk. This is an interesting part of town where all the art galleries are located. The place is teeming with culture and sophistication wherein the different art galleries each have their own themes, artists, and set-ups that will truly interest the eye. Even if you are not an art expert, simple walking down this street and looking through the windows, or strolling amongst the exhibits, will have you awestruck and excited. The better part about the whole experience is that you can stroll and view without having to spend a single cent in any of the galleries. The main reason for this part of your date with Chicago single professionals is to be able to experience how art imitate life. You can be sure that as you stroll you will have a lot to learn about your date and what they think of every art piece that they will encounter with you along the Tremont Art Walk.

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