Where to Go to Get Trip Information About Disney World

When asking people for Disney advice, you often hear this reply: go online. That seemed logical enough but the non-internet-savvy part of you do not know where to go. The internet is in fact bustling with all sorts of information about this world famous theme park, which include operating hours, accommodation options, attraction listing, dining choices, and tips on how to have a grand time. Below, you will find a list of all the possible places where you can get comprehensive details about Disney World that you can use to plan your trip well.

Disney’s Official Website

The official website of Disney ( http://disneyworld.disney.go.com) is where you will find all the park information that you need. Here, you will get a list of all the attractions located in the theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. You will also find here ride descriptions, directions to get to the parks, maps of the theme parks, schedules of live shows, and answers to FAQs. All these information will be helpful for your planning of the Disney itinerary.


Frommers.com is an extensive collection of travel information around the world. When you get here, type Disney World on the search engine and you will see a comprehensive guide of the theme park, which includes listings and reviews on attractions, restaurants, nightlife, and so on. You also get valuable information on trip planning, suggested itineraries, and many more. What you will love about this website is its user-friendliness. It’s very easy to navigate. Even someone who’s not an internet savvy will not have a hard time browsing through the pages of the Frommers. Just take note of the disclaimer below each piece of information that says “Information was accurate during the time it was written but it may change without prior notice.” Although most of the things you will read here are accurate, you would want to double check with the official site of Disney just to be sure.

Tripadvisor.com and Virtualtourist.com

These two are two very popular travel review websites that collects contributions from travelers. People who have gone to Disney World have posted reviews on hotels, restaurants, and attractions inside the theme park. This is especially use for choosing accommodation. Whether you plan to stay in Disney Vacation Homes, Orlando Hotels or Kissimmee Vacation Homes, you will find the reviews here very useful in making a choice. If a hotel is plagued with so many complaints, you know that you better skip it and opt for something that is better.

Disney Blogs

You can also check out the blogs that people who have gone to Disney World write about. When checking out these blogs, you have to differentiate those that were paid for and those that were written based on personal experiences. Although the paid for blogs give accurate information about the details of the park like opening hours and attraction listings, you would want to rely on the personal experience blogs for reviews of restaurants, hotels, and so on because these come from actual experiences of real travelers.

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