Where’s the best place to buy wine online?

When I was younger I never really had a taste for or understood why it was that red wine is so popular. I remember thinking that wine was just spoiled grape juice and that they should have just served that juice freshly squeezed and not let it sit there for years, aging. Well with age comes wisdom and looking back now I understand how silly it was to think that way. Wine has been around as long as history has been recorded and there is a reason for this. You could spend your whole life as a white wine connoisseur and still never fully appreciate everything that wine has to offer, all the different flavors, colors and textures of wine the possible combinations are endless. Helped in part by the fact aging wine changes all of its characteristics. Recently I’ve started buying wine online by the case from winegrowers direct (www.winegrowersdirect.com.au) with the intention of letting it age and sampling one bottle every couple of years to fully enjoy all it has to offer. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of months but I’m excited to be collecting something and considering that it comes to winegrowers direct strait from the growers it’s not even an expensive hobby!

So I found the best place on the internet to buy Australian wine… I’m so sick of driving out to bottle shops only to pay massively marked up prices on Australian wines which should really be cheaper than any overseas competitor. Recently I stumbled upon winegrowers direct, www.winegrowersdirect.com.au and ever since I have been buying my wine online. They have an amazing selection of all different varieties of Australian wines available to buy online with only a couple of clicks. The amount of money and time I have saved on not only the wine its self but on petrol and travel expenses is great. It’s just so much easier. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for quality Australian wine at a low price to visit winegrowers direct.