Which Are The Best Paid Surveys?

If you are looking for ways to fill in the little gaps in your income, try filling out paid surveys. Though there are many out there, promising remarkable amounts of money for a small amount of work and time, these sites are scams. The legitimate companies will tell you what the average reimbursement of paid surveys is on their site, which can be anywhere from fifty cents to four dollars. Unfortunately, you only get this compensation if you qualify after a rigorous screening process. The secret to making money is signing up with several survey companies at once. A list of the top five will help you on your way.

Opinion Outpost- This company rewards points that can be turned into cash, gift cards, and special codes for discounts on products you love. It takes ten points to equal one dollar and one survey can be from five points to forty points. Again, this is only if you pass the screening test provided before each survey officially begins. There is even a refer a friend option which can really boost your earnings.

Survey Savvy- This company rewards with dollars. There’s no hassle trying to exchange them for something else. Make sure to fill out your member portrait upon completion of membership since this can delay in your receiving surveys. One unique feature of this company is that minimum payout is only one dollar. You can request payment almost after the first survey.

Toluna- This is another company that rewards points for surveys taken. Only five hundred points will get you a sweepstakes entry while three thousand gets you a song to download for your MP3 player. The real money is at the sixty thousand points level which equals twenty dollars. Don’t let this large number scare you off. Surveys range from eighteen hundred points to seven thousand points. It accumulates faster than you would think. One of the bonuses of this website is the polls on the website itself that gives fifteen to forty-five points for one or two questions. Those help out when trying to reach your personal goals.

Lightspeed Panel- Once you sign up you are given an introductory survey so they can get to know you better. After this first initiation, surveys come regularly and pay well. It only takes five hundred seventy five points to equal five dollars with Pay Pal so hopefully you will qualify often. As with most of these companies, fill out your complete profile for the best opportunities.

Zoom Panel- Points are the main staple here. If you are looking for appliances to replace in your house, Zoom Panel is the right place to be. Seventy five points or more are given per survey qualified for. This racks up points in no time. There are also convenient categories for determining where your points will get the most value.

Filling out paid surveys is not a good idea for an alternate source of income, but if you need a little grocery shopping money or would like a gift card to one of your favorite restaurants, these are ideal opportunities to try out. Some will even give you appliances for your time.