Which Church Should We Go To?

Today,many old churches has noticed their memberships declining. Exactly where after it was a spot for the faithful believers, many has now turned into a location for the tourist dollars.Then there the large ones with huge congregations, huge names, huge buildings, huge budgets, massive fundraisings and massive services that looks far more like a large rock concert.

We are created to believe that we are seeing one thing huge and superb taking place in the church till some scandals and internal feuds started to rock their foundations. As Christians, we must bear in mind that Satan is tough at operate attempting to destroy every single church foundation. We have to continuously support the church where God has directed us to go or serve, no matter whether big or modest, old or new, wealthy or poor.

What Is A Church?
The most well-liked description of the church is that of the body of Christ, of which our Lord is the Head. That Jesus Christ is the Head of the body suggests that it is our Lord who directs and guides the physique, and that its unity comes from the Head of the body, who coordinates and directs each individual component.

And he (Jesus) is the head of the body, the church he is the starting and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in every thing he may possibly have the supremacy.Colossians 1:18 NIV

Which Church Must We Go To?
Attending the proper church could imply our salvation or our destruction. However, there is no perfect church as there is no perfect pastor and church members. Absolutely nothing on earth is best. Only God is. Like any other location, we can uncover some great individuals and some who are not. Jesus taught us that it was widespread for weeds to be found expanding together with the crops. So how can we make a decision which church we need to go to?

1. Seek God’s Path.
Pray and seek God’s direction. As in Proverbs 3:6, In all your approaches acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

2. Spot of God
– Does it teach from the Bible?
– Does it teach the proper doctrine?
– Does it proclaim Jesus as God and Savior?

3. Location With Great Characteristics
– Does it aid to construct up your spiritual life?
– Does it devote itself to biblical principles?
– Does it have good fellowship amongst its members?

four. Location Where We Can Commit and Contribute.
We must be able to commit, contribute and hold ourselves accountable to the church where God has directed us to go. A church can by no means rise above what it really is person members are.
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