Which Exercise Produces the Best Muscle Building Workout?

It is very important to build muscle mass routinely and to maintain it as well. Many people who flock to gyms yearly, will request a personal trainer who will teach them the best muscle building workout for their age, body type and weight. While scanning the gym for the perfect trainer or coach, remember if there is no challenge to any of the weight training exercises, muscle will be built much more slowly. There really is no specific exercise better than another because they all play a role in building lean muscle mass. Including proper nutrition into the mix will result in a successful workout with the result of a long lean body.

Many trainers began by weight training, and are quite experienced in what exercise or bench press works the fastest at building lean muscle. There are several different exercises for the best muscle building workout, which are challenging, varied and most of all effective. The first is called the dead lift. this exercise builds lean muscle mass by weights on a barbell that is lifted from the floor while bending the knees. As the lifter raises the barbell, the legs are straightened. The dead lift is a great all over the body muscle builder, but especially the quadriceps and back muscles

Another exercise also in the running as the best muscle building workout is the well known bench press. Bench pressing works by building muscle mass in the upper part of the body. This is done by pressing weight away from the body while lying on a bench. Specifically the muscles which benefit from bench pressing are the deltoid, pectoral, and triceps, resulting in a beautiful chest and upper arms.

When wanting to be challenged, pull ups are in line as the best muscle building workout, because they involve a raised bar which one must pull their weight up to then lower their weight back down. This is very challenging, because the lower body is dead weight during this exercise, and the arms, back and shoulders are doing most of the work. Still for great upper body strength, this is super upper body workout. Next in line, are the barbell row and finally, the squat. The barbell row works to build muscle by extending the hips and bending forward while lifting the barbell in short bursts. It is a difficult and challenging exercise. The squat is for building lower body muscle and is performed by squatting while holding a barbell. This exercise is the best for building muscle in the glutes, hamstrings, and the quadriceps.