Which Facial Rejuvenation Procedure Is Right For You?

Natural occurrences such as sun exposure, gravity, aging, and daily stresses in life can all have effects on your face. One of the most effective ways to reverse these effects is through a face lift. Face lift incisions are hidden around the ear and in the hairline. During the surgery, the muscles in the face are tightened, extra fat is removed, and facial skin is readjusted. Extra hanging skin can also be removed from the jowls and the neck. The procedure takes approximately three and a half hours to perform. Other procedures such as blepharoplasty, ear pinning, and neck lift can be performed to compliment the results of the face lift.


A neck lift procedure can be performed alone, but is usually performed in conjunction with a face lift. Neck lift incisions are hidden under the chin and around the ears. Extra fat is removed and the platysma muscle of the neck will be repaired. The remaining skin after that is pulled tight providing a more youthful appearance. When this surgery is performed by itself it lasts about two and a half hours from start to finish.


A forehead lift procedure is performed to reduce frown lines, smooth out the forehead, and help raise the upper eyelids. The incision for this procedure is placed where the scar is hidden underneath the hair. The skin and muscles that cause the problem or problems will then be altered or removed to provide the desired outcome. A forehead lift takes roughly an hour to finish. After the surgery, a patient will appear more youthful and alert.


For adults or children who have over-sized or protruding ears, ear pinning can be performed to help. Otoplasty is capable of reducing the size of ears or setting them closer back to the head. Ear appearance can be a source of ridicule and can lead to low self-esteem. Benefit will be gained by the procedure from anyone who is bothered by the appearance of his or her ears. Cartilage in the ear can be reshaped or removed as required for aesthetic improvement. The surgery will take roughly an hour and a half to complete.


A person who feels that their eyelids look puffy or that their drooping upper eyelids make them appear tired or sad may benefit from cosmetic eyelid surgery. The incisions are created by the plastic surgeon in the upper eyelid crease and/or directly under the lower eyelashes. Extra skin, muscle, and fat will then be removed. Incisions are then closed with stitches placed beneath the skin, leaving it tight and smooth. The procedure will last about an hour to an hour and a half depending on which areas are being treated. Blepharoplasty is capable of taking years off of a person’s appearance and will provide them with a well rested, more alert look.


There are many people who wish that their nose would better fit their face. Nasal contouring can enhance the appearance of a person by creating a more balanced nose with your face that is natural looking. Reshaping a person’s nose is achieved by sculpting the cartilage and bone to the desired size and shape. The incisions for this procedure are almost always hidden within the nose. The surgery will take between one and three hours to perform.


Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed in order to enhance the profile of a person and create a more proportionate look. The plastic surgeon will select the appropriate size of implant for his or her patient and place it under the skin. The procedure will take roughly a half of an hour to complete. The results will be immediate and will create an aesthetically pleasing profile.