Which House Alarm Security System is Best For Me?

The answer to which house alarm security system is best for you is answered by answering a series of other questions first.

What do you intend to protect?

Your house?  All the rooms in your house or only one or selected ones?  Do you want to protect the exterior of your house?  Perhaps you want to specifically protect other structures on your property (like a detached garage or a shed or a shop).  Maybe you wish to monitor a specific area of your property (say, a garden or swimming pool area). 

Protecting outside areas can involve a number of sensors and alerts.  Doors and windows on sheds and garages can be fitted with magnetic sensors that are triggered when opened.  Motion detectors are another option.  These sensors detect movement in or around a building or other specified area.

What kind of an alert do you prefer?  As the sensors trigger an alert, it can come in the for of a simple chime within the house, a phone call placed to your cell phone, or a siren that will readily frighten away an intruder and alert you and/or the neighbors.

The house is protected with the same kind of sensors.  When considering the kind of protection the house needs, pay particular attention to vulnerable spots.  This would include doors or windows hidden or out of sight from the street and sliding glass doors (like patio doors) which are favorite entry spots for burglars.  These weak areas need particular protection.

Take a tour of the outside of your house.  Think about how you would gain entrance if you were breaking in.  Remember, a burglar isn’t concerned about damaging frames and breaking glass.  Where would easiest access be gained?

A basic system for your house will include a control panel, door and window sensors, and likely some kind of motion detector placed in a hallway or other high traffic area.

One last consideration is what you can afford.  Cost will likely dictate how much protection you can buy.  Fortunately, wireless systems have brought house alarm security systems into the affordable range. 

Which house alarm security system is the best?  It’s the one that meets your particular needs in the most cost efficient way.  Armed with the information gained from thinking through the questions above, you are ready to start comparing and shopping for a home security system.