Which is the Best Decision When Shopping For Gold Jewelry?

Since before time, gold was a source of great power. We all take for granted that the more gold you have the more of it you want. This is especially true since gold was associated with the pharaohs’ of ancient Rome and the English lords that controlled all of Europe during the 1500s. Let’s not forget the Russian tsars with all of their riches. Europe was controlled for centuries with gold. This obviously was how you could keep the lower class from becoming your equal. Today all of the world’s markets are still controlled by the price of gold.

In 2009 the Royal Canadian Mint who claimed to have been the victim of$ 15 million gold Heist. They will probably never recover this huge loss. This robbery must be the biggest thievery of gold of our century. We can safely say that even today the old adage still holds. (The more gold you have…!) How can you possibly take that much gold even if you do it gradually out of such a place such as the Royal Canadian Mint? Why did it take so long to notice this little discrepancy?

Although this is all fascinating let me get on to our main topic is: why buy 14k instead of 18 carat gold?

Many Europeans think that the gold over the ocean is of better quality because most of it is at least 18 carat gold and because of its color being what I would describe as pink in looks. They tend to frown upon anything of lesser quality. The reality is that in many European countries, such as India gold is more affordable. It is considered a symbol for many things. In India gold must be at least 22 per cent gold. It is a cherished possession for many Indian women. They will buy gold for such events such as weddings or for any festive event. As for the color I believe this is achieved by using different colored alloys when making the jewelry.

Let’s examine more closely what 18carat gold is. Since gold in its natural state is very fragile, you need to add such things to it such as: alloy to make it stronger. What 18carat gold means is that it is basically 75% gold and 25% alloy? You may have more gold in your ring or chain but because of the high content of gold it will be weaker than its counterpart, 14carat gold which is much stronger. For example if you are a man who does manual labor, or if you are a man who just likes to work with his hands the wedding band you wear will be stronger if it made up of 14carat gold and will have a tendency to break less often than if you wore 18carat every day. For special occasions the softer 18carat gold may be more appropriate but for every day wear I think that 14carat gold is much more realistic.

For me the choice has always been to wear 14carat gold chains, earrings. My wide wedding band is also 14carat gold. I have seen too many people go into a jewelers shop to have their 18carat gold jewelry repaired after having had it just a short period of time. Often it has gone through too much every day abuse to even consider having it repaired properly. Not only can it be difficult to restore but the cost of the repair is sometimes not worth the effort. Better to buy a new item.

In conclusion the next time you wish to purchase a gold chain, ring a gold bracelet or a pair of gold earrings why not consider 14carat gold instead. It will last longer. It can take more abuse, it is relatively reasonable to repair. Whenever possible try to find Jewelry that is rhodium plated as this type of covering will extend the life and add more luster to your gold jewelry Unless you can afford a gold bullion, and today’s economy being what it is 14carat gold is a much more affordable option. For more info please visit us at: http://www.otraditionhandbag.com