Which is the Best Fat Burning Exercise

Our bodies need energy. We are warm-blooded creatures and fuel is needed to maintain body warmth even if we are resting and doing very little. When we become active we burn much greater levels of fuel. Most of the additional energy required is needed by our muscles so it is not surprising that when we are talking about fat burning we are talking about our muscles and exercise. Muscles burn more energy than any other body cells since they do practically all the work.

An Automatic Defense Mechanism

We have an inbuilt defense mechanism that automatically seeks to store energy against any future demands or needs. It’s a survival mechanism. If we eat more food than we need for immediate needs then the body stores the excess somewhere in the body. Our western lifestyle for the most part provides more food than we need and therefore over time we put on weight. Some fat is necessary for good health. Too much fat is what is killing us since this can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Many health experts are also beginning to see links to some forms of cancer.

Over time there needs to be a balance between the amount of fuel we take into our bodies by way of food and the amount of fuel we expend in the form of activity and exercise. If we are looking at burning fat to reduce our stores of body fat we simply need to address the issues of this balance. Diets that reduce our intake of food need to be selected carefully since diets that cut back on calories can have adverse effects which we will not discuss in this article. We can however increase the demands on our fat reserves with fat burning exercises.

Two Types of Body Fuel

At any given point in time the body has two forms of energy available. The first is glucose and glycogen which is a form of glucose that the body can store in the muscles and liver. This energy is immediately available and if we suddenly start some form of exercise the body calls on these stores first. The other form of energy is fat. This is not immediately available. If we wish to burn fat we have to exercise long enough for the body to start calling on our fat reserves and convert the fat to energy which our muscles are now demanding. This can take up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Taking into account these two sources of energy is there a form of exercise that burns more fat? In general without any real activity you burn 50% fat and 50% sugars. A sudden burst of energy like say jogging, and you would shift the ratio to 70% sugars to 30% fat. As you continue to jog the body would start calling on its fat stores and a fit person would reverse the ratio to somewhere in the region of 70% fat to 30% sugars. However the body of opinion seems to be that it does not really matter which calories you burn, calories are calories and the body will balance out the energy stores anyway. What is important is the amount of calories you burn. If you exercise at a constant rate 60 minutes of exercise will burn twice as many calories as 30 minutes of exercise. If you can shift the balance so that you are burning more calories than you take in by eating you will lose weight for the body will balance its fat and sugar reserves automatically.

Metabolic Rates

There is one other issue that figures in this equation and that is our Resting Metabolic Rate. When we exercise we raise our metabolic rate. This is just a scientific way of saying that we raise the level at which we burn calories. It’s a little bit like stoking up a fire. Exercise stokes up our internal fat burning which is why we sweat and perspire. It takes time for this internal fire to die down. After exercise our internal fire returns to idle and we call this the Resting Metabolic Rate. What is interesting is how long this takes. High intensity exercise can cause the muscles to continue to burn energy for a period of up to 70 hours or nearly 3 days. There are fat burning exercises that can continue to burn fat for up to 3 days.

The Fat Burning Furnace program is designed around this characteristic of muscle function. Is has helped hundreds of ‘over-fat’ participants, both men and women, burn fat with a minimum of time expended. It has enabled busy people engage in an exercise program that fits into their very busy timetables. All forms of exercise are fat burning exercises. If we use our muscles we burn fat. The choice is ours which form of exercise we chose but the high intensity exercises of the Fat Burning Furnace is a very time effective choice from a whole range of fat burning exercises. To learn more visit my website below.