Which is the Best Type of Housing?

There are two popular types of housings in the Philippines today, these are condominiums and houses. Houses were once known as one of the most popular types of housings. Though not as popular now, houses are still known for its popularity for many average Filipinos, while condominiums are considered as some of the most popular type of modern housings in the Philippines.

Which is the Best?
Both types of housings are known for different advantages. However, both are also known for its disadvantages. And this usually depends on it residents. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of residential Philippine real estate?

Houses, according to Philippine real estate experts, are perfect for Filipinos with limited budget. This is because houses are far more affordable compared to condominiums. This is the reason why houses are still considered as one of the most in-demand types of housings in the Philippines.

But because of the growing competition to provide the best types of housing, a number of new houses available in the market were made available along with a new term of payment. This is because these new houses can be bought and paid in installment, which made it more affordable, compared to renting an apartment unit in the city, particularly in an apartment building.

Another advantage of these new houses is its amenities, which are the same amenities normally found in condominium complexes. Because most of these new houses are found in housing communities, and that these housing communities are known to offer amenities such as swimming pools, recreational parks, and playgrounds, residents can now enjoy the same luxury of living in a condominium complex yet more affordable.

The disadvantage of houses is its location. Though can still provide the accessibility that Filipinos are looking for, condominiums can still offer the modern advantages for Filipinos.

Part of what made condominiums popular in the Philippines is because of its location, which are mostly found in business and commercial districts. The advantage of this is that its residents can easily access their workplaces as well as popular entertainment places from the homes.

Another major advantage is its amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, a gym, as well as a sports complex. However, because of its location, many Filipino families found these types of housings unsuitable for their growing children, which is why new condominiums were developed to provide modern condominiums for Filipino families. These are called condominium complexes.

The advantage of condominium complexes is with its wide open spaces,  because most of these are found in the outskirts or even in the as well as recreation parks and playgrounds as amenities for children in addition to those mentioned earlier.

The disadvantage of these types of Philippine real estate is its expensiveness. There is also the disadvantage of its condo fees in which residents are obligated to pay in a monthly basis.For more information visit to our site at http://www.ayalalandpremier.com BOLA TANGKAS