Which is the Best Water Filters – hard to answer

Children, having plenty of stuffs like pitchers, dispensers and refrigerator, will regard Home Water Filters as their best choice.


But is this really the best type of water filtration system?

There is no doubt that every household needs water filtration of some kind, but it’s a good idea to have your water tested first so that you know what contaminants you need to filter out. Not all systems are equal when it comes to removing the various pollutants and although the EPA has a responsibility to oversee the quality of water that comes from the treatment facility, it may well be a different story once it’s been through the pipes and into your home.


What your water may pick up along the way:


farm waste
industrial chemicals


Why your water is contaminated

The reason for this is because the pipelines to your house may be rusty and cracked, which turns them into a breeding ground for some types of fungi and bacteria, as well as allowing the other nasties above to seep through the cracks. These can all accumulate in yours and your children’s body and cause health problems, so it’s easy to see that Pitcher or Jug water filters may not be the right type of filter, if you haven’t had the water in your taps tested yet.


Pitchers, dispensers and refrigerator and faucet filters will be better for you than drinking bottled water, as their are no regulations governing this whatsoever, but still, are these the best type of filter?


Some of them will remove a percentage of:




Whereas others do not! Some are costly to run and others are not.


Reverse osmosis is not suitable if your water contains chlorine as this has a detrimental affect on the membranes. So as you can see, there is much to learn and what you really need is someone to guide you through it all.


The dangers of taking a shower or bath

If you really don’t want to risk your health, then it’s best is to consider a multi filtration system that has various different stages to trap all pollutants. You also may not realize how vulnerable you are to contaminants each time you bath or shower. The warmth in a shower opens your pores and allows your skin to soak in the contaminants and for this reason a whole house filtrations system may better meet your needs.


Having fruity drinks on tap is great but you also need to think about filtering your shower and bathing water, this can only take place with a combo filtration, a whole house filter or even one for the shower, so read on to find out more about these systems: