Which Kind of Window Covering is Best For Your Window?

How do you do that? It’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. Once you’ve got all the pieces in place you can see the picture – or window covering, in this case!

There are just a few “pieces” to your window covering puzzle, so let’s take a look at them. The pieces are light control, function and style. First we’ll get the puzzle’s outside edges in place – light control and function. These are the basics, the foundational pieces to help you make that smart choice. Next we’ll place that final piece, style.

Ought to be easy, right? After all, how hard can a three-piece puzzle be? This isn’t a trick question – it really is this easy! So let’s get started.

To begin we’ll ask a few questions about each puzzle piece. Some of your answers will be automatic – you will just know the answer, and won’t have to think about them. Some questions you’ll have to think about – but hey, this isn’t rocket science, and it’s a whole lot easier than a 1000-piece puzzle!

After we’ve answered the questions we’ll be on to our next step . . . uh, well, there really isn’t a next step. After you’ve answered the questions you’ll have all your answers and will know what kind of window covering you need . . . and the puzzle is done!

So, here we go. Let’s start with light control. This one’s pretty easy, just answer these questions: Is this room used for sleeping? What kind of privacy do you want at night?

Pretty simple, really. For most windows in most settings we want at least a minimum of light control. After all, most of us live in urban or semi-urban settings and we’re more comfortable with keeping our business to ourselves.

The next puzzle piece is function. That means we’ll consider all the details in this window. Here are some questions to get you thinking. Is it a really big window or really small? Does it open? If it does, which way and how? Are there any things that will make hanging a window covering difficult, like its proximity to a corner?

Just take a close look at the window to get the whole picture for function.

These are critical answers that will save you from making a bad decision when you pick out your window covering. You know, like when you’re in a store and really fall in love with something and buy it, but when you get it home realize you should have thought it through ’cause it’s not right for what you wanted. If you’ve answered these questions you should be able to avoid that mistake . . . (unless you’re a hopeless shopaholic…).

Let’s move on. Style. The Big S. The last puzzle piece to put in place, and the fun one. One question: what’s your style? Okay, two questions: what will look great in the room?

Now match these answers up with your answers from the earlier questions and you’re ready to go shopping! So . . . what’re you waiting for? Let’s cover that window!