Which Muscle Mass Building Supplements Are the Best?

Long lean bodies burn more calories than those with less muscle mass. This is why it is so beneficial to work toward achieving a healthy, slim, firm body. Several muscle building supplements are purchased daily by athletes and body builders, with whey protein ranking as the number one choice for quality and easy to digest protein. The dosage for whey protein is one or two grams per pound of body weight. Whey protein has also been found to assist in those who wish to lose weight, and is an ingredient in many weight loss supplements and shakes.

Other muscle mass building supplements are creatine monohydrate. This supplement builds muscle mass while increasing energy output. The body can make its own creatine, and it is found in some foods as well such as tuna fish, but the amount is small, which is why many athletes swear by creatine monohydrate. The preferred method of ingesting creatine is through powder form. Only a very small amount is required to begin building lean muscle almost immediately. It is easy to understand why creatine based powders are so popular.

Nitric oxide, which contains the amino acid arginine, is one of another important muscle mass building supplements, and originally was discovered to regulate cell motility which in turn, stimulates muscle growth and strength. Nitric oxide comes in powder and pill form, but because of side effects which may include diarrhea, nausea, and exhaustion when going over the recommended dose, nitric oxide supplementation is not usually chosen over whey or creatine products.

One more muscle mass building supplement is glutamine. Glutamine is another necessary amino acid which is also the main source of the body’s energy for the immune system, and assists in the control of blood sugar. Glutamine is found in the brain, lungs, heart and other organs. What it does for muscles is synthesize them as well as enlarges cellular size in addition to, increasing growth level hormone which diminishes as people age. Athletes and body builders lose glutamine whenever they workout, so supplementing is important to keep levels balanced. Available in powder and pill form, the dose for glutamine is ten to twenty grams per day.