Which Slippers Offer The Best Comfort And Functionality

When it comes to getting cosy in the cold winter months you really can’t do without a good pair of slippers. If you are prone to getting cold feet then you will know all too well how uncomfortable it is and can prevent you from being fully relaxed.

Made from a variety of different materials depending on functionality, you can buy slippers made from rubber, leather, synthetic fibres, fur or any of the combination of materials and with lots of designs to available you really do have a lot of choice. However let’s not forget that the main purpose of slippers is their functionality, so it is vital that the slippers you do choose keep your feet warm and provide a level of protection for your feet. So what types of slippers are there, and which ones provide the best functionality? The following lists some of the most common slipper types:

Slip On Slippers

Probably one of the most common types of slipper, slip on slippers has a piece of fabric which surrounds the foot but the heel is left open making it easy to simply slide your foot into them. Slip on slippers provides a great deal of warmth and protection as they have padded soles which also provide grip which is important especially if you have hardwood flooring. The problem with slip on slippers however, is that they can slip off the feet quite easily and are difficult to wear when lying down. As the heel is exposed you can also get a bit of a draft and so sometimes need to be worn with socks.

Closed Back Slippers

Almost like an upgrade on slip on slippers, closed back slippers come with a heel guard to prevent feet from sliding out giving a much better fit. A more popular choice with men, closed back slippers make it easy to lie down whilst still wearing your slippers and do provide a great deal of comfort. However they do require more effort to put on than slip on slippers and the heels can break in quite easily however these aspects are only very minor in the grand scheme of things.


Moccasins bear a close resemblance to shoes and are a favourite with mature slipper wearers. Compared with other slippers, moccasins have hard soles therefore providing maximum protection and even allowing you to wear outside. As they provide much more support than other slippers they do make an ideal choice for the elderly however in terms of warmth and comfort there are much better choices

Slipper Boots

Popular with female slipper wearers, slipper boots provide maximum warmth as your whole foot and ankle are surrounded. Slipper boots are commonly found in a fuzzy or fleece material making them very comfortable, however in terms of providing foot support it can make wearers arch their feet slightly which can quickly damage the slipper therefore not always ideal for longevity.

Slipper Socks

The easiest of all slipper purchases due to their low cost, slippers socks are much thicker than normal socks and come with grips on the sole to prevent you from sliding around. In terms of providing warmth slipper socks do the job however they are prone to damaging quickly and also have hardly any protection for the foot. Also if you happen to step in any water spillages then it pretty much makes them redundant.

So there you have it. All the slippers listed do have their plus and negative points and hopefully this article will provide food for thought when you are selecting your slippers. BOLA TANGKAS