Which Television Technology Will Fit Your Space Best?

LCD and Plasma technology may be both flat screen TVs that has great image quality, but they still have many differences to take note of. Both are better that Cathode Ray Tube TVs or CRT. Apart from their size difference, image quality is better with LCD or Plasma TV. These two surely has greater technologies than the traditional TVs we were used to. Since both technologies make use of flat screens, viewing is more pleasurable because they have clearer and lifelike images.

CRT televisions are more harmful to our health. They emit more radiation than the amount that Plasmas and LCDs emit. High definition format also comes with new technology. Plasma TVs and LCD TVs are both HD ready and could display both high definition and standard formats. They could also recognize different TV signal formats no matter where you are in the world.

Plasma and LCD televisions are more expensive compared to the traditional Cathode Ray Tube TVs. However, their prices are now getting more affordable, some manufacturers even offer cut deals that could not cause too much damage on your wallet. Think about the entertainment these two technologies could give you, and then you will see that buying one is really not a bad choice.

Apart from all their similarities their differences will surely define which technology is better. LCD screens were made to be so compact that they did not have larger sizes before. But today, they are slowly following the large sized Plasma TVs. Plasma TVs have better contrast settings than the LCD TVs, the Plasmas produce better quality of images. However, burn-in is one problem with the plasma TVs, the Liquid Crystal Display do not experience this. That is an advantage over the Plasmas. Another advantage of the LCDs is that they consume lesser power this makes LCD TVs perfect for small families and budget conscious people. Because of the power consumption, LCDs have longer lifespan than the Plasmas. Compare the 60,000 hours of LCD TVs to the 20,000-40,000 hours of Plasma TVs. That’s a lot of viewing hours. Now, the decision is yours to make.