Which Twitter Approach is the Best Fit For You and Your Business?

Twitter is one of the most raved about solutions that PR companies and advertising agencies offer to small-medium sized businesses who 1.) Want to reach a niche and specifically targeted audience and 2.) Have a very small budget for marketing and advertising. And this is exactly the business approach that start up businesses should employ-a small but effective way of letting a lot of people know that you offer that service. 

So with the benefits that Twitter can give to your business, how do you integrate that into your business model? What kind of approach will introduce your business in the Twitter arena and make it stick?  

Before you go into the nitty-gritty details of choosing the proper method to punch Twitter into your plans, you should first know that Twitter is not tailored or thought of as an avenue for advertising. Therefore, the best approaches should be: 

Building relationships over mass tweeting. Putting @username or sending direct messages to all the people who follow you or had the bad luck of being found while your were in ad posting mode is a big no-no. It’s the biggest no-no. Most of the time, users can spot a sales pitching direct message and delete them before you can say “No Credit Card Required!” So keep your efforts where they will be appreciated. Follow the people who follow you. Be interesting and witty, chat with them a bit and be a friendly. Personalize your selling. This one will work particularly well if you have a business where you would want to have repeat customers, say for example, an online travel agency or some form of brokerage company. These types of companies need customers/partners who will trust them with their financial transactions. That just smells like trust, so be there to provide it. 

Smart networking over mass following. Start up companies that are aching for funding will benefit from this approach. A lot of venture capitalists are also on Twitter, and the best way they can evaluate your business is by looking at your tweets about the progress of your company, and the reception it’s been getting. So remember to connect and follow people who matter for your business’s growth. Don’t be trigger happy with that “follow” button. 1,278 Following 11 Followers 567 Tweets does not look good at all. 

Tweeting about people’s interests or trends over tweeting about dinner. This is an approach best suited for companies who are selling technology or software. If you are in this business, you want to be authoritative and in the know. You should keep that image and project that personality on Twitter. Therefore you should avoid over-personalizing your tweets.