Which Type Of Blinds Are Best For My Window

You can achieve privacy, darkness, shade, insulation but not all at the same time, and not all from one type of shade.
Some shades are either open or closed, up or down, others can be adjusted for greater privacy
Roller Blinds are probably the simplest type of shades which we are all familiar with. A piece of fabric attached to a centre tube. If the centre tube is rotated the fabric will roll up and down.
Venetian Shades are made with horizontal slats which hang suspended in little rope ladders. Tilt the slats for privacy, raise or lower for more view or for sleeping.
Vertical Blinds comprise a series of louvers hanging vertically from a headrail. The louvers can be made from plastic, aluminium, wood or fabric, and the blinds can go from almost see through to full room darkening depending on the product chosen
Roman shades are a rectangle of lined fabric with battens inserted horizontally at intervals in the lining. As you raise the window covering the fabric folds into several pleats which finish up as a pelmet at the top of the window.
Pleated Blinds use a special fabric which has been folded backwards and forwards in a series of 1 pleats, holes are then punched through so that strings can go through so the pleated fabric can be raised and lowered. A range of fabrics are available with different specifications. Often used in conservatories because shapes are available
Cellular shades have features not available with other products. The cellular construction traps air which provides excellent insulation properties. Cellular fabric is like a honeycomb, and depending on the weave on each side privacy and blackout are both possible.
Woodslat Venetian Blinds have slats made of wood, available in a wide variety of timbers, basswood is most common. various slat sizes are available, quality can vary enormously, always look for a cord-tilt on woodslat venetian shades.
Woodweave Blinds have been around in one shape or another for many years. Our Victorian forefathers used to weave wood veneers together and called it Pinoleum, it is still available today as is a wide variety of woodweave and grassweave fabrics from around the world. Depending on the weave pattern these can be set up as roman or roller blinds
Shutters sometimes called Shutterblinds provide a wooden panel with adjustable louvers . Available with various louvre sizes in many colours and stains. Good for privacy, shade and insulation
Tilt and Turn windows present special problems for shade solutions. Because of the difficulties in fixing to the frame or inside a recess, several new products have been developed which can be fitted to the opening window itself without having to drill any holes.
Blackout is tricky. Several types of shades offer more or less blackout. There are two elements, firstly does the fabric block the light and second how much light will come in around the edge of the Blackout fabric at 4.30 on an August morning ?