White Flour Or Wheat Flour: Which One To Choose?

Flour is a common ingredient in many of the foods that we eat. It’s in our cereals, breads, pastas, and snacks. Whether we’re having a sandwich or snacking on pretzels, we’re eating flour, and usually it’s white flour.

If you’re interested in a way to lose weight without dieting, then consider replacing the white flour in your diet with wheat flour. Why? Well, studies have shown that foods which contain white flour are more likely to cause weight gain than foods containing wheat flour. Making a simple switch over to wheat can mean less pounds and better health.

What Makes Wheat Flour Healthier?
There’s an important difference between white and wheat flour. Though they are both made from the same source, white flour goes through a refining process which strips away some of the vital nutrients we need for good health.

When wheat kernels are refined and made into white flour, the outer and inner layers are stripped, excluding the bran and germ which is where many of the nutrients are stored. That’s why wheat flour is actually called whole wheat flour, because the entire kernel gets ground into flour, which means all the nutrients remain intact.

Also, white flour often goes through a bleaching process which further strips away the nutrients. Though synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to replace the ones lost in the refining process, they just don’t measure up well to the real thing.

How Can I Make Whole Wheat A Part of My Diet?
Foods containing whole wheat are not only a healthy choice, but can help you lose weight without dieting. To incorporate more whole wheat into your diet, look for foods like bagels, breads and pastas at the grocery store, which are made from whole wheat instead of white flour. Also, you can simply replace some of the white flour in your favorite recipes with whole wheat flour. Or, search for whole wheat recipes online. The Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf is a tasty one. It’s actually not that hard to add more whole wheat into your diet, it just means choosing differently.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?
Yes, whole wheat can have a more robust taste, so don’t be surprised if it takes a little getting use to. But remember, it’s a healthier taste, and it will not only help you lose weight without dieting, but expand your palate and ensure a healthier future.