White Wine – Ultimate Sophistication

The ultimate in sophistication and class in the world of wine would be the white wine.  It is so versatile because of all the varieties and styles is comes in.  White wine can be paired with just about any food you can imagine.  Whites can be sweet, dry or even semi-sweet.  They are easy to recognize because of their light yellow or almost clear coloring.  White varietals are grown all over the world with the most famous probably being the Chardonnay grape originally from France.  However, this grape is just as at home in California and New Zealand.  This white wine is renowned for its smoke flavor with a hint of oak.  Chardonnay is not the favorite of this author, but that does not diminish its popularity world wide.

A much sweeter contender for favorite white wine worldwide would be the Riesling.  Rieslings originate in Germany and by far they make the best, but it has had a slow start in the world of white wine.  Unfortunately there are many poor quality sugary substitutes which have given Rieslings a bad name.  These substitutes have tarnished the reputation of a very fine wine, but like the nature of all Germans, they do not give up and they quickly overcome.  High quality Rieslings hail from the Rhine and Saar valleys and have help to reestablish this wine as one of the finer whites.  Varieties in America and Australia have contributed to the good reputation of this grape variety.

A great way to enjoy your favorite whites thoroughly is to pair them with your favorite foods.  Cheese is a simple and great way to enjoy your favorite white wine.  Mild cheese is best paired with a sweeter white like White Riesling or a Gewurztraminer.  Full bodied cheeses pair wonderfully with a Chenin Blanc or a Dry Riesling.  Seafood or pastas with cream sauces should be paired with a Chardonnay to enhance flavor while shellfish like lobster, crab, and shrimp pair amazing with a Sauvignon Blanc.  Asian foods like Thai pair great with the sweet wines as well, the best being Gerwurztramner.  Poultry goes well with any white wine.  This may surprise many of you, but chocolate is perfect with a glass of White Riesling.  Yummy!

While it may be important to consider what food you will pair with your white wine it is more important to enjoy the wine you are drinking.  The number one reason to choose any wine is by if you like it or not.  Then when you find one or many you like, you might try to increase your pleasure by pairing it with just the right food.  The quality, color, notes and variety all combine to make the best wines in the world, but that is all for naught if you do not like it in the first place and cannot find yourself taking another sip.  White wine is considered the ultimate in class because of its versatility.  You can drink whites socially, with a meal or while reading a book!  You will find the best white wines being drunk during BBQ’s and charity events alike.  It is your choice and make it confidently and often.