Who Cares About Our Interventionist Foreign Policy?

The most important problem America is facing is not even discussed or mentioned till now in various presidential campaigns. Except Ron Paul, all other candidates think that our interventionist foreign policy must continue. What they differ on are the details of the intervention.

But the United States does not have any moral or legal right to involve itself in the domestic affairs of other nations. It is not endangered by any other country and hence, does not need allies. A friendly nation is one that fights with you during a war. When the war comes to an end, the requirement for alliances also ends.

George Washington, who is called the wisest American President, severely warned the country against interventionism. He warned America as he said,
“There is no reason for America to involve itself in the intrigues, feuds and wars that plague most parts of the world. Our only contact with the outside world should be in trade and commerce.”

The trouble of terrorism, which is a straight consequence of our interventionist strategy, is not a war. It is a disagreement with a few folks. If we stop our interventionist policies, the trouble of terrorists would slowly end. By that time, terrorism should be handled by intellect and police work. It is not a war the military should win.

The perception of a war must be a disgrace for every American.
Only Hitler and the Japanese government used to believe in that. Today, most of Americans are in favor of the concept. These people should not criticize Japan for Pearl Harbor event as well.

Meanwhile, what are most of the presidential candidates talking about? They talk about social schemes, strategies for intervention, and a lot of other stuff.
But, they never talk about the real serious issues America is facing. If not discussed soon, US will face its results in long run.