Who Should Wear Sunglasses and What Are the Dangers of Going Without Them?

The answer to that question is fairly obvious yet so many take the risk of exposing their eyes to direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. People who live in warm climates take better care of their eyes when it comes to wearing eye protection in the sun. Of course someone who is accustomed to wearing sunglasses will pick them up automatically as they leave the house in the morning and if they forget, they will miss them before they reach the end of the road, turning back to fetch them.

Those who are more at risk are people who reside in a cooler climate and who are not used to having to wear sunglasses. Some people who never wear glasses of any kind find sunglasses intrusive and uncomfortable, so opt to leave their eyes exposed to the sun.

Taking the time to study the effects UV rays can have upon the unprotected eye might persuade those who find sunglasses uncomfortable to persevere and get used to them. The exposed eye can sustain all kinds of diseases such as Cataracts and Retinal Macular Degeneration. Taking the time to wear protective glasses in the sun can save your eyes from permanent and irreparable damage.

Everyone is at risk of eye damage in the sun, even children. It is a good idea to purchase a pair of 100% UV filtering sunglasses for you child as early as possible and teach your child the importance of wearing them in strong sunlight. There is a choice of quirky styles and coloured frames available for children. Pay a visit to your local optician and take a look at the children’s frames that might appeal to your child. This summer, take the responsibility of safe guarding your child’s eyes and teach your child the dangers of exposing vulnerable eyes to UV rays.

For people who are out all day such as travelling representatives; road workers and agricultural workers, the sun can do an incredible amount of damage if sun protection is not worn. Unfortunately, the attitude is often taken that the skin toughens in the sun and so do the eyes. This is not the case and many people pay for their misconception by contracting skin cancer and eye diseases later in life.

Take the time to purchase a good quality pair of 100% UV filtering sunglasses, preferably the kind that wrap around the face for extra protection. Protect your eyes and enjoy maximum eye health for as long as possible.