Whole House Water Filter to Protect You and Your Family From Harmful Contaminants

If you want to filter all of the water coming into your house, it is not practical to put a water filter on every faucet and shower head in the house. Instead, consider a whole house water filter. A whole house water filter removes water contaminants as the water flows through the pipes into your house, instead of where the water is used.
A whole house water filter is not usually as thorough as faucet filters as it does not remove bacteria or very small contaminants. However, this is not necessarily true, as many of today’s systems include several stages to filter out different kinds of contaminants. Still, if you have lead pipes, you’ll also need a point-of-use filter, because your tap water can pick up lead from the pipes in your home.
It is a lot easier to install one whole house water filter than a filter on every water source. These large filtering units are capable of filtering several thousand gallons of water, so each filter will last for several years before needing replacing. These low-maintenance filters work quickly, so you’ll never have to wait for clean water no matter what you’re using it for.
Although there are faucet filters and shower filters, there are several water sources that are not usually filtered at the point where they are used. For example, your laundry is usually regular tap water even if you’ve installed faucet filters. A whole house water filter will filter all of the water going into your house, no matter where the water will be used. Especially if you have a larger house with several sinks and showers, this type of filter can be a much more efficient way to ensure that your family’s water is clean and safe.
Many people focus on safe drinking water, but in fact there are dangers of using unfiltered water for other household activities. You may not realize the dangers of showering in, cooking in, or cleaning with unfiltered water. Water with rust can discolor your clothing in the laundry, and unfiltered water used to wash your windows will leave spots. Showering in chlorine contaminated water can cause dry skin and asthma as well as several other conditions. Any unfiltered water you use can affect your health. Only a whole house water filter can ensure sparkling clean water at every faucet in your house.