Why Am I Tired After I Eat? The Top 3 Reasons You Get Tired After Eating Food

Are you always trying to figure out the answer to the question “why am I tired after I eat”? If so then today I will provide for you the top 3 reasons you get tired after eating food and what you can do to stop experiencing fatigue in general. Best of all these suggestions will improve your overall energy as well as digestion!
The 3 Reasons You Get Tired After Eating Food!
#1 – Lack of Chewing: Your digestion in fact begins in the mouth not the stomach. Make sure you chew all your food until it turns into a paste like consistency to ensure that it digests as well as possible. 40 times is the suggested ideal amount.
#2 – Food Sensitivities: Many people have undiagnosed food sensitivities and allergies. You may be surprised to find most of the food in your diet is treated almost like a poison by your body and creates more problems than it’s worth eating. The key is to get onto a restricted diet to determine which foods are in fact the problem foods. An elimination or candida diet is critical in achieving this.
#3 – Liver Congestion: If you have an improper bile production and/or secretion you will have tremendous digestive problems, especially when it comes to fats in the diet. To solve this problem you should be detoxifying not only your liver but another chronic health problem which is always tied into liver problems known as a candida overgrowth.
This yeast which lives inside all of us will in some people overgrow and cause many health problems, the most common of which are digestive problems and food sensitivities! If you find you’re constantly fatigued after eating or find that you have other negative reactions from eating food then you need to seriously consider going onto a candida elimination program to improve your overall health and eliminate your fatigue for good!