Why Are We Not Harnessing Scalar Energy Despite The Usable Technology That We Have? – How To Create Free Energy

Why are we not harnessing scalar energy despite the usable technology that we have? – how to create free energy. I have seen generators using scalar energy (in some websites) derived from space time. Tesla began it and scientist have worked on it and found it to be usable. Are there constraints. if any?

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“Scalar energy” is the name for “zero-point energy” perhaps made most recently famous by the Stargate TV franchise. I love the show, but zero-point energy does not exist.

Laws of physics demand that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Zero-point energy actually brings in energy from another dimension or Universe and puts it into our Universe. This would unbalance our entire Universe, because energy would be added to a stable process. It doesn’t happen. Tesla had *lots* of inventions that were cool sounding, but didn’t do anything, like weather modification using the ionosphere.

He discovered alternating current, which revolutionaized the world, but that’s the most important thing that he did. He didn’t take anything to his grave just because he was scared of it getting into the wrong hands. Just like Da Vinci didn’t write “backwards” because it was code, he did it because he was smart, and he was left handed, so it was easier.

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