Why Celebrities Visit Shamwari Game Reserve

Once you know a little more about this coveted game reserve, it is no surprise to learn that it has become a favourite of international celebrities and holidaying royalty. Shamwari is host to the Big Five which is no small boast. To add to this factor, it also happens to be situated in a malaria free area in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Combine this with the professional service of the staff and you have a recipe for well deserved international acclaim.

The location of the lodge was very carefully and intelligently considered, and the finished project ended up in the centre of the meeting of five separate ecological systems. This makes it the natural habitat of a huge variety of wildlife, completely separate to the proud label of host to the big Five. Antelope and other majestic beasts freely roam the area which is also the daily roost of around 300 species of bird. The seven separate lodges under the Shamwari umbrella are each five-star establishments in their own right and any choice made from amongst them is the right one.

Each lodge was fully designed to cater for the most discerning of pallets and the very highest of expectations – none has ever failed to impress. Offering silver service and world-class cuisine, the total package experience is certainly covered by this exceptional Game Reserve.

Lets take a very brief look at two of the seven wonders of the Shamwari Game Reserve Long Lee Manor, Certainly a favourite, the Manor is an 18-suite palace constructed along the lines of Edwardian design and expertly placed to keep patrons in the centre of the action. It has a sweeping view of a bustling waterhole and the surrounding plains which the locals traverse to reach the river.

Bayethe Lodge – This lodge is considered an elite stronghold of luxury within the Shamwari portfolio and its air of chic charm and outstanding service will quickly explain why to its patrons. Featuring nine tented suites on sites which overlook the Sand River, one gets a feeling of being part of the local scene while still maintaining comfort as the private decks and elegant pools give testament to.

Shamwari features these and many more are fine examples of the level of excellence available in the industry today. Their modern hospitality is set up to serve the most discerning of guests, amidst an environment which offers soul heartening views of nature in the old fashioned way. This is truly one of the most memorable experiences available anywhere in the world and perfect as either a family getaway or a romantic escape with that special someone. BOLA TANGKAS