Why Consuming Too Much Salt Is Bad For You

Salt gives that extra taste in our foods, without it, foods will probably taste like wood. But what happens when mistakenly we eat too much salt? What will be the consequence in our body weight and health? These are two serious questions to answer.

While a little amount of sodium is necessary for balancing fluids and other functions in the body, too much salt intake can cause a lot of problems; first is the water retention, too much sodium in the diet causes dehydration and storing of water fluids in the body, the result is feeling bloated and weighting heavier in the scales. Second and most serious is the hardening of the arteries, the heart needs more power to pump blood, raising high the blood pressure, and as a result the risk of a heart disease and other heart related, health implications is great.

Obese and overweight people over use salt, and it sounds perfectly logic; as with overeating comes over consuming salt. But even in a moderate diet, if it is based on pre packaged meals and take aways ,it will almost certainly take you over the acceptable limits. We all know that part 1 of food cravings is savoury things (part 2 is sweets…) so eliminating salt totally from our diets is not a healthy option.

The body needs it to function properly, it balances fluids in our body, and plays a part in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Some fad diets even try to trick you; by using a diet very low in salt,s o you get to lose only water weight, but not fat! So what is the best option for consuming salt the right way? I would say awareness is key; having knowledge of how much sodium a person needs per day is very important, and then the next step is start reading food labels more carefully, also try eliminating, or reducing to the minimum, eating in fast foods, and from take aways.

Lets not forget that many foods contain naturally salt, such as: vegetables, meat, and fish, so sometimes adding salt is not necessary. The recommended limit is about 6 grams a day, that’s just a teaspoon. As when losing weight, this process should be slow, to be able the body to adapt the new needs. BOLA TANGKAS