Why Do Fruit Extracts Make the Best Skin Care Products?

Remember that phrase: You are what you eat? Well, keep that in mind the next time you rub a skin care product on your hands, feet, or body. The body products that you use for beauty purposes may be lacking the essential fruit extracts necessary to deliver nutrients to your skin. As the largest organ in your body, your skin is thirsting for an all natural product that will relieve it of the wear and tear that it puts up with during your daily activities.

In the shower, your body wash cleanses the top layers of your skin and afterwards, when you apply body lotion, the skin absorbs the chemicals in your lotion. Imagine, instead, if your body lotion contained organic fruit extracts. For example, if you used organic Acai body lotion, not only will your skin absorb the antioxidant powers of the acai berry, but it will also receive the moisture it needs to sustain elasticity.

Because fruit extracts are directly taken out from the fruit, they will contain traces of vitamins that each fruit has to offer. Just imagine that you take a handful of pomegranate seeds, for example, and crush them together and apply them to your body. The skin will absorb the nutrients from the crushed pomegranate and will relay it to your bloodstream, promoting better, healthier skin.

To be even pickier, choose organic skin care products that contain fruit extracts. Organic skin care products, if they are honest, will have little to no traces of harmful chemicals in their lotions and body washes. A tip for choosing an organic skin care line is to look at their ingredients list and see how many of the ingredients come from fruit extracts. This way, you are sure that not only is your product organic, but the ingredients are not chemically synthesized.

Next time you are looking for a body lotion or body scrub, envision yourself bathing in fruit versus bathing in chemicals. Which do you prefer?