Why Do Road Traffic Accidents Occur – Go Slow

RTAs cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of disabilities each year. According to a 2002 figure, car accidents kill an estimated one million people each year worldwide.

The constant increase in the RTAs can be explained as the following:

* Traffic is constantly getting congested as the number of cars is increasing
* In-car tech toys like cell phones, TVs, pagers, computer notebooks, portable CD and DVD players, laptop computers, electronic games, computer games, GPS navigators, digital recorders, cam-corders and radar detectors distract the driver
* Some types of cars are naturally less safe
* A car with extra safety features increases an undue confidence in the driver of the safety levels which prompts speeding while he drives. Every safety advantage gifted by technology is seems to be eroding driver behavior

Motor vehicle accidents can be categorized as the following:

* Head-on collisions
* Rear-end collisions
* Side collisions
* Rollovers
* Single-car accidents
* Pile-ups

The wisconsin lemon law attorney, Gregory Moss said that Collisions may involve other automobile, bikes, bicycles or trucks, or pedestrians. A collision may occur with stationary structures or objects like trees or road signs too. In a collision between two cars, the occupants of a smaller car is more likely to suffer greater fatalities.

Many factors result in car accidents, and sometimes multiple causes may contribute to a single accident.

Factors contributing to an accident:

* Driver distraction: Driver distraction includes fiddling while the car is moving, with in-car tech toys, chatting with other passengers in the car, eating, grooming in the car, dealing with children or pets in the back seat, or bending to retrieve dropped items
* Driver impairment: Tired, sleepy, drowsy, ill, drunk or drugged drivers are distracted drivers
* Mechanical failure: Mechanical failure includes flat tires, tires blowing out, brake failure, axle failure or steering mechanism failure in the middle of the road while the car is on the move
* Road conditions: Foreign obstacles or substances on the road surface, rain, ice, or snow making the roads slick or pot holes lead to fatal collisions
* Speeding: Exceeding safe speeding conditions specific to the road design, condition, weather, other motorists speed etc. are to blame too for motor vehicle collisions
* Road design and layout: Some roads are notorious for being accident black spots due to different alignment, visibility, camber and surface conditions, road markings etc.