Why Do You Need A Taxi Surveillance System?

To what extent you need the video surveillance system to be installed in your cab depends on many factors. Taxi surveillance systems do have a lot of advantages. The main advantage being your control over the entire system through which you can protect the drivers from any untoward incidents that might occur due to the action of unruly passengers.
Out of the many advantages of taxi cameras, another major advantage is that you can deter violence that might erupt due to the effect of alcohol in the passengers or sometimes even the driver. Thus you will be able to ensure the security and safety of both humans and property with this system. Also, you can prevent robberies and closely monitor driver behavior.

When establishing your area of taxi services, you need to ensure the history of the place you are going to operate in. You need to determine the answer to the basic question: Has there been a history of violence in the areas covered by the taxi service? This is important as to the extent to which you will install security system in the cab depends on the risk factor that the cab is going to be exposed to.

Also you need to determine the recent turn of events in your town or city. If there have been frequent incidents of violence or thefts in the cabs in the city then that serves as a strong indication to you to speed up the installation process in all your cabs.

This should also be undertaken in case of your taxis traveling to high crime neighborhoods. There are few points that you need to keep in mind at the time of camera installation in the taxis. Firstly, cameras equipped to handle low-light and dark conditions should be used. Internal cameras must be installed in order to have a clear view of passengers as well as the drivers. In order to achieve this, the cameras should be positioned above the rear view mirror which generates a comprehensive view of the cab’s interior.

In addition to internal camera systems, you could consider external cameras that capture the neighborhood details of the area that the taxi is running into. Also, duress alarm systems can be integrated with the cameras, thus speeding up the alerting process if need be.

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