Why Do You Need Security Awareness Tools?

Security is a key issue for every company today, big or small. There are therefore many measures being taken to train the staff about the security issues and make them more aware and alert. The companys undertake security awareness training and use many tools of security awareness to achieve the target of saving their assets from being misused or stolen. Many IT companies provide these custom made tools that help create security awareness among the working groups. The tools include guidance notes, sample awareness programs, training materials, checklists, custom made templates, etc. to help the security managers to build an awareness program or a training program.

Security awareness tools provide an in-depth perspective and insight on the changing and ever increasing threat to software security. The threats can be in the form of vulnerability disclosures and exploitation of the hardwares, malicious software inclusion and potentially unwanted software installation. It could be hard to fathom at first, but these could critically damage the software base of the company and even help some unwanted elements to extract the companys vital information and misuse it. So in such a scenario, tools and methods should be employed that will most effectively minimize the entry of intruders and the damage that they could cause to the systems. So staff training and education is important to make them more aware of the issues. Simply enacting policies and following set procedures won’t be enough.

There are available a whole range of communication and security awareness measurement tools that can be used with the ongoing security awareness training programs of a company. The success of these security awareness tools lies in the fact that how much and how frequently these tools are used by the training users. Many companies even have fun ways make the security training more fun and interactive, by employing more fun filled tools. These awareness tools are fun filled, interactive and interesting; at the same time ensuring their role in keeping the company assets safe.

There are nowadays, security awareness quizzes, security awareness newsletters, security awareness posters, security awareness comic strips, security awareness videos, security awareness ad banners, security awareness email templates, security awareness desktop wallpaper, security awareness games and security awareness intranet messages, among others.

Security awareness tools have the following key benefits:

They are mostly developed by experienced IT security experts.
These tools have cutting-edge, relevant information on security practices.
They act as reminders when used on a regular basis.
Normally, these tools are available in user friendly languages.
These tools can be easily customized as per a company’s specific need.

Most security tools which come in the form of ads or banners can be distributed electronically. Also they can be posted on a companys intranet or printed and distributed manually. Security awareness tools in the form of newsletters can be delivered in a practical format. It could also contain an introduction to a particular security subject, an easy explanation of the risks associated with it and also a list of the best practices to avoid such a risk in the future.